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22 Apr 2017
tree stump removal

Top 6 Reasons to Remove That Tree Stump in Your Yard

Tree stumps. They may look harmless at first glance, but it is really important that you have them removed from your yard right away; they can prove to be a safety hazard as much as a dead tree that can topple anytime without warning.

If you’re still undecided whether you should have a tree stump removal, we’ve rounded up six reasons why you should contact a removal specialist now:


Stumps Mar Your Yard’s Look

Yes, aesthetically speaking, tree stumps on your yard are a total eyesore. They make your yard look unkempt.

If you want your yard look presentable, then you should not leave the stumps there. But mind you, if you find the idea of pulling out the stump, root network and all a hassle, there are actually plenty of things you do can with it. You can make it as your DIY project and turn it into a bench, a planter, or even—if the stump is large and high enough—a table!

Know however, that left unattended, tree stumps can lower your property value. Skeptical? If you really think about it, this certainly makes sense. Would you rather buy a house with ugly tree stumps or a house with a clean and orderly yard?


Stumps Can Pose a Hazard to Kids

If you want to transform your home into a kid-friendly zone, then leaving old tree stumps in the yard it is certainly a no-no. For households that have young kids, these stumps can be dangerous to them especially if they love running around the yard.

Additionally, small tree stumps can break your lawn equipment if ever you accidentally hit one of them while maintaining the lawn. A tree stump can also become your liability if someone visits your home and trips over it. Not just that, if the tree stump is near your driveway, someone driving at night might hit it.


Stumps Make Gardening and Mowing Chores Harder

Aside from the fact that tree stumps can damage your mower, it also makes the whole task harder. Having tree stumps around the yard can be a total nuisance when you do weeding and mowing for obvious reasons.


Stumps Can Contribute to New Tree Growth

Usually, there are instances wherein a tree stump causes new tree growth. You may notice that small trees start growing around it sooner or later, and of course, this will make your yard look even less appealing.

Besides ruining your landscape, it can also cost you a lot since it would be tougher to remove plants that have already established their roots. These new shoots are more likely to come back again, and you will need costly plant chemicals to kill them completely.

These new sprouts take nutrients from plants nearby, so if you are wondering why your zinnias are not blooming well, maybe that’s because other plants are absorbing all the nutrients.


Old Stumps Attract Insects

Leaving old stumps behind will not just make your yard an eyesore, it will also attract insects. Since a decaying tree takes quite a long time to completely decompose, the stump will attract a bevy of insects to live in it. And although you may at first be indifferent to the growing number of insects combing your yard, eventually, they will make your way inside your house. Termites are also extremely nasty since they can compromise the structure of your residence.

Instead of waiting for heavier consequences to happen and paying a huge fee for insect extermination experts, you can simply have the stump be removed as early as today.


They Consume Yard Space

Have you always wanted to put a picnic table in your yard? Or perhaps you are planning to put a garden there?

There’s definitely no problem with whatever you want to do you with your yard, but if there are plenty of tree stumps there, you will have problems getting your plans to come into fruition.

If you have a small yard and you want to transform it into a charming spot for your family to relax and bond, then a tree stump in your yard is a big no.

Contact a removal expert (we can help you with that!) and say goodbye to these old tree stumps that are totally ruining your yard!

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01 Apr 2017
Stump Removal Methods

4 Tree Stump Removal Methods (Plus 1 Foolish One)

Comparing Stump Removal Techniques – Examining Safety and Efficiency of the Most Common Methods


Okay, removing a tree stump isn’t exactly a simple task. To get right down to the point, the absolute worst thing you can do when trying to remove a tree stump is to do it on your own without the right tools or the expertise on how to go about the job in a safe and efficient manner.


So after all that, do you still want to learn more about the different tree stump removal methods, or are you going the amateur route and try to do it with guns blazing?

If you want to approach the stump removal process the right way, below are a few things you need to know.

You see, there are a number of ways to remove a tree stump, with varying difficulties and cost. Each method has its own positives and negatives you have to consider if you’re going to decide which stump removal technique to go with. So, let’s get to the nitty-gritty, shall we?


Stump Removal through Chemical Process

There are chemical products that can speed up the rotting process of a dead tree stump so that it can be easily removed. These products are available at any local hardware store that sells gardening materials.

A standard stump remover usually contains potassium nitrate to help accelerate the decomposition process. Others use chemical fertilizers rich in nitrogen to promote bacterial growth, which then facilitates the gradual decay of the stump.


  • Easy to apply. All you need to do is drill deep holes in the stump, place the chemicals in the holes, and leave it to rot.
  • It’s an inexpensive stump removal method. Most stump removers cost less than $20.


  • This method is potentially dangerous, especially when there are children and pets around. You’re using strong chemicals here.
  • The chemical process takes a long time to complete. It can take weeks up to a month, maybe even more.


Stump Removal through Mechanical Process

Stump grinders are the most popular mechanical tool designed to remove tree stumps. These machines have sharp rotating teeth that can easily grind through dead tree stumps like butter.


  • You can go through the stump removal process rather quickly using the equipment.
  • It doesn’t require a high skill level to operate properly.



  • Rental units are relatively smaller, and less powerful, compared to commercial versions. So it may take more time and effort than you expect to complete the task.
  • Rental versions are mainly designed to remove one or two tree stumps that are less than 10 inches in diameter. Anything more than that and you’re in trouble.


Stump Removal through Manual Process

If you feel like working up a sweat, then manually digging out the stump will surely give you a great workout. All you need is a shovel for digging, some type of saw for cutting up the roots, a pickaxe for wrenching and softening the soil, and protective gear.


  • This is a cost-effective method for removing a tree stump.
  • It can give you a tough cardiovascular workout.


  • It’s a physical and potentially dangerous job. You can easily injure yourself if you’re not careful.
  • This process is only effective if you’re dealing with a relatively small tree stump. Trees that have huge roots that go really deep into the ground will not be easy to remove manually.


Stump Removal through Natural Process

Here’s a nice alternative for removing tree stumps: just let it decompose naturally. If you find that the stump doesn’t really bother you that much, just leave it in the ground to rot. Covering it with fertilizer, soil, or even mulch should help speed up the decay as fungus and bacteria start to flourish. In several months, the stump can easily be removed with minimal effort.

Using fire to remove tree stumps is a popular method, but it’s not advisable. It’s potentially dangerous and the fire could easily get out of control. And using your pickup truck to pull the stump out is really an amateur move. It’s still best to contact a professional to help with the removal process.

Hey, if you can afford to hire a professional to have a tree removed from your property, certainly a few extra bucks to remove the stump shouldn’t be a problem, right?


More info: photo by Oisin Conolly