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American Arborists: Providing Professional Tree Care in Spokane, WA Since 2007

Have you been looking for an expert tree pruning service in Spokane, WA? American Arborists has been servicing the Spokane area’s tree trimming needs for years, providing residences, commercial businesses, and municipalities with seasonal tree care, remedial tree care, and tree planting and removal services.

Our experience in the industry has shown us that the best route to environmentally sound tree care begins with careful selection and planting. This is augmented by lifelong seasonal maintenance, remedial and preventative care, and - when needed - safe tree removal. In cases of tree removal, we believe in expeditious replanting to help ensure that the landscape remains beautiful for future generations to enjoy.

Your tree care maintenance, tree removal, and tree pruning services in and around the Spokane, WA area should always be conducted by an ISA Certified Arborist. We understand that you value your trees, and so do we – so make sure that you entrust their care to only the best!

Who Are We?

American Arborists has a long history of providing high quality tree services. For some 50 years, American Arborists has been steadfastly committed to being the highest caliber arboricultural company committed to maintaining and increasing the value, safety and health of your trees. Since the day we opened for business, our commitment to excellence and caring for our urban forests has only become more impassioned.

Your trees are a significant investment, and like any great investment they deserve only the best care possible. In Spokane, on both residential and commercial properties, we have proudly provided high quality trimming and pruning services to our clients. We also offer competitive pricing for seasonal care, tree removal, tree planting and pruning. As ISA Certified professionals, you can always be sure that when you call American Arborists, you are calling experienced professionals.

Spokane Tree Information

The black cottonwood is a fairly common tree in the Spokane, WA, area, thriving under almost all conditions. You’ll also see a wide variety of trees including cascara, paper birch, mountain ash, lodgepole pine and Douglas fir. Commonly encountered issues with Spokane area trees include tree canker disease, heart rot, powdery mildew disease, verticillium wilt disease, and sooty mold disease.

American Arborists Care

At American Arborists, we take pride in recruiting, training and retaining the most talented professionals in the field to deliver the kind of quality service and customer service that has earned us a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. We set the standard for arboriculture in Spokane. Call us today and ask for a consultation!

American Arborists Spokane, WA
1818 W. Francis Ave. #111
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