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Best Tree Services in Roseville , CA

American Arborists are the Experts to call for Tree Pruning in Roseville, CA

Need a professional tree pruning service to come to your rescue in Roseville, CA? American Arborists has an expert in your area who can provide tree planting, trimming, seasonal and remedial tree care services, and tree removal in Roseville and the surrounding areas.
Proper tree care starts at the planting stage, when it’s important to select the right kind of tree in regard to climate, soil conditions, and available space. Care continues throughout the tree’s life with seasonal maintenance, and preventive and remedial care. Finally, when it is necessary to remove a tree for safety or health reasons, the cycle starts over with quick, efficient replanting.
If you live in or around Roseville, tree pruning, tree removal, and tree care maintenance services can be capably performed by qualified Arborists in your area. Your trees are valuable, so don’t trust their care to amateurs. Instead, call American Arborists and demand the best!

Who Are We?

American Arborists is a well-established, reputable arboricultural company committed to enhancing tree safety, health, value, and beauty. Our history of bringing exceptional levels of tree service to the industry extends back 50 years, with the same standards and goals staying constant. We believe it’s possible to improve the quality of the urban forest one tree at a time!
Our competitive pricing and creative solutions make us the ones to call when it comes to tree planting, pruning, seasonal care, and tree removal for Roseville residential, commercial, and municipal clients. Your trees are an enormous asset, and improper trimming or pruning can cause irremediable damage. When you call American Arborists, you know an ISA Certified, trained professional will be dispatched to give your trees the care they deserve.

Roseville Tree Information

Common trees in the Roseville, CA, area include the state’s well believed California buckeye. Fremont’s cottonwood and numerous sycamores as well as western redbud, blue oak, and gray pine trees also abound. Popular fruit trees such as citrus (grapefruits, oranges, and lemons) as well as kumquats, Asian pears, apples, and pomegranates are favorites. Tree issues to watch out for include anthracnose, oak galls and worms, Dutch elm tree disease, and mistletoe infestations.

We Care About Trees

We want as many trees as possible, in as good of health as possible, to preserve our state’s beautiful terrain. We focus on safety, quality of service, and customer satisfaction, and pride ourselves in hiring the best personnel, creating a culture of ongoing education, an establishing the gold standard for arboriculture in Roseville and the surrounding regions of California. Call and ask for a consultation today!

American Arborists Roseville ,CA
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