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Best Tree Services in Carson City , NV

American Arborists: Providing Professional Tree Care in Carson City Since 2007

If you are in need of professional tree pruning services in Carson City, NV, American Arborists is your solution. Since 2007, American Arborists has been providing high quality pruning services to the Carson City community. In addition to tree trimming services, American Arborists provides services in tree planting and removal, seasonal tree care, and remedial tree care.
It is our belief that the best way to help keep Nevada beautiful is by encouraging routine tree maintenance, practical tree removal and replanting practices, and environmentally sound tree selection. By following this formula, the unique landscape of northern Nevada can be preserved for generations to come.
If you live in or around Carson City, your seasonal tree care, tree trimming and tree removal needs can be deftly carried out by ISA Certified Arborists. When it comes to health and wellbeing of trees, make sure you only entrust them to experts with knowledge, the best equipment, the experience, and the qualifications to get the job done right!

Who Are We?

American Arborists is a client-driven, professional arboricultural company committed to increasing the safety, health, value, and beauty of your trees. Since 2007, American Arborists has been caring for the tree services needs of Carson City, Reno and Tahoe. We take great pride in helping keep Carson City, Sparks and Reno beautiful and green by making each community aware of arboriculture and what it takes to maintain a healthy, vibrant treescape.
Since opening our business, we have enjoyed A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau and earned the Super Service Award for 4 years in a row. Our tree service professionals work with private residences and estates, educational programs, golf courses, real estate contractors and developers, and some of Nevada’s largest commercial and property management companies.

Carson City Tree Information

Trees commonly found in Carson City and the surrounding area include the Siberian elm, cottonwood, and silver maple. The flowering plum, crabapple, and flowering pear are the most common fruit trees dotting the landscape in this region. A bit of extra variety is provided by popular species such as the Austrian pine, arborvitae and Russian olive. Less common, but certainly not rare, the flowering cherry, yew, and golden rain tree all provide unique flair to the area and thrive with ease.

American Arborists Care

Providing the best high quality tree service care possible to our clients is our mission. We take great pride in our passion to ensure that we do everything for you possible to promote the health of your trees and safeguard and increase the value of your property. We achieve this by maintaining high standards for our quality of work as well recruiting and retaining the best trained and skilled personnel we can find. In Carson City, we set the standard for arboricultural professionalism. Call us today to make an appointment for a consultation.

American Arborists Carson City, NV
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