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Best Tree Services in Boise , ID

American Arborists: Your First Call for Tree Trimming or Tree Removal in Boise

Born into the industry, American Arborists brings the experience of three generations of tree service professionals to Boise Idaho. American Arborists is a unique brand that combines relentless dedication to mastering the arboriculture with a business model that puts customer service and ethics above all else. Whether you need remedial tree care, tree removal and planting services or seasonal care, American Arborists can serve all of your tree related needs.
Over the years, our industry experience has shown us that all too often, beautiful trees are damaged or lost to people trying their hand at tree pruning without knowing the proper technique. Our skilled ISA Certified Arborists are trained to prune trees to preserve their health, and only go so far as tree removal when absolutely necessary. When we do need to remove trees, we believe in replanting as soon as is possible to help maintain the landscape as best as is possible.

Who Are We?

American Arborists has been committed to providing the best tree care services for around 50 years. We know exactly what it takes to provide high quality service that is focused on maintaining the health of your tress in a manner increases their safety and value as well. Our commitment to caring for and developing urban forests is something we take pride in and have an excellent reputation for.
Whether your tree services needs in Boise are on residential or commercial properties, our ISA Certified professionals are ready to serve you. When you call American Arborists, you can rest assured that whether you are in need of tree removal and planting, seasonal care, or tree pruning our team can meet your needs at a competitive price.

Boise Area Trees

In the Boise area, the green ash Norway maple, sweetgum and American Linden are all commonly found trees. Also popular are red oaks, London plane tree, giant sequoia, Serbian spruce and the ponderosa pine. Tree diseases and damaging insects in the Boise area you should be aware of include the elm leaf miner and beetle, slime flux, and Dutch elm disease.

Call American Arborists First

At American Arborists we not only take pride in our great reviews and service awards, we take pride in the people that make up or team of professionals. We recruit the best and provide ongoing training to ensure that every experience you have with us is the best it can possibly be from start to finish. Give us a call today for any and all of your Boise Arborist needs and let us show you why we are the best!

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