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Best Tree Services in Bend , OR

Need Tree Removal or Tree Pruning in Bend, OR? Call American Arborists.

When you call American Arborists, you get the cumulative experience and knowledge of three generations. We’ve combined relentless dedication to mastering the field of arboriculture with ethical foundation that puts customer service at the forefront of our mission. Whether you are seeking tree pruning in Bend, OR, as a resident, full service seasonal tree maintenance as a commercial property owner, or assistance in taking down a dangerous tree as someone from a municipality, American Arborists can help. Our skilled ISA Certified Arborists are trained to meet all of your tree services needs with accuracy and above average care for your property as well as your trees.

Who Are We?

American Arborists has been providing top-of-the-line tree care services for around 50 years. We know exactly what it takes to maintain and nurture your trees, keeping them healthy and beautiful and extending their lifespan. Our commitment to caring for and developing urban forests across Oregon is something we take pride in. When you call American Arborists, you can rest assured that our team can meet your needs at a competitive price, with the best outcomes whether your trees need pruning, treatment for pest infestation, or end-of-the-line removal and replacement.

Bend Area Trees

In the Bend, OR, area, the Ponderosa pine, black cottonwood, and Western white pine are common. You may also find the Western larch, quaking aspen, mountain alder, and Western juniper, as well as a wide range of firs and spruce. Tree diseases and damaging insects you should be on the alert for in the Bend area include the elm leaf miner and beetle, slime flux, Dutch elm disease, and – more recently – ash borers.

Call American Arborists First

At American Arborists we can depend on our great reviews and service awards to back up are bid for the reputation of “best tree service in Bend, OR”. By recruiting the very best, making a concerted effort to retain great talent, and providing our Arborists with the latest in state-of-the-art equipment, we create a work environment that is safe, confident, and committed to customer service and excellence in tree care.
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