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Expert Tree Removal – the Last Resort

Nothing is less fun than looking at a majestic tree and acknowledging that it’s time to let go. Tree removal is always an unpleasant phrase to hear, but there are times when saving a tree just isn’t in the cards. Reasons a tree may need to be removed include its age, health, stability, available space, and even allergies.

When every avenue has been exhausted, and the conclusion is that the tree must go, calling the experts is the next step.American Arborists acknowledges that there are circumstances in which tree removal becomes inevitable. Our ISA Certified Arborists will only recommend tree removal after exploring all other options and treatments.Once the decision to take down a tree has been made, we have three goals:

Reno Tree Planting Service

Safe, Responsible Tree Removal

Cutting down a mature tree – whether it is healthy or diseased – is fraught with dangerous potential. Inexpert hands and eyes combined with less than professional equipment and off-the-cuff planning can result in personal injury, property damage, and other serious repercussions.Taking a tree down safely and effectively requires specialized equipment, expert knowledge, and a plan that considers every possibility and guards against damage to property or injury to individuals. An ISA Certified Arborist will be able to handle the process from start to finish, and will be bonded and insured in the unlikely event of any issues.

Complete, Effective Stump Remediation

The unsightly stump left by a felled tree is often anything but attractive. It can slowly rot away, leading to sunken areas in your yard, insect infestations, and unwanted wildlife taking up residence.We ensure that every time tree removal takes place, it is followed up with the stump eradication process, using powerful grinders to take the remains of the tree down past ground level so grass can grow over the top and leave your lawn uninterrupted.

Practical, Planned Replanting

We strive to reduce the number of ultimate tree removals in the communities we serve by consulting with property owners at the planning stages. When a tree does have to be removed, we recommend replacing it when possible with a young tree that will fit the space allowed, harmonize with existing landscaping, and provide the desired aesthetic to the entire property.Our Arborists can help you determine what type of tree is best for the vacated spot, consult with you about replacement tree care, and set you on the right path.

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Key Benefits of the Service

Our ISA Certified Arborists are the perfect choice for your tree removal needs, especially in cases that may prove hazardous. We utilize:

 Extensive diagnostic research to confirm the necessity of a tree’s removal
 Appropriate and effective tree removal equipment including 65′ aerial lifts, specialty rigging systems, and aggressive stump grinders
 Knowledge and expertise to ensure the safety of individuals and property during tree removal.

Trust the experts to safely and effectively remove your unwanted trees!

American Arborists has been serving norther Nevada and the surrounding states since 2007. All of our Arborists and referral partners are ISA Certified, licensed, bonded and insured. We strive to set the standard for service and professionalism in our industry.
Our knowledge and expertise goes beyond simple tree maintenance and upkeep. We cover the entire range of tree care, including landscape planning, tree planting, trimming and removal, seasonal tree care, urban forest management, drought planning, and more.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality of tree care, from individuals who take pride in their work. We are dedicated to attracting, training, and retaining the best professionals in the industry to ensure your trees always receive the best possible care.
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