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Save Your Trees during the Drought

Nevada is experiencing a chronic drought, the effects of which will be felt for years to come. Reduction in water use is inevitable – but you can still save your trees with a drought plan that puts water right where it will do the most good.

American Arborists’ Recommended Drought Plan

American Arborists is featuring a summer through fall program that will keep your trees as healthy aspossible during periods of drought. Without the proper amount of water, soil can dry up and become tight and compact, reducing the available water for your trees to absorb. We work to reversethiseffect, allowing your trees to access all available water and stay green and healthy.

American Arborists’ drought management program works by putting water conserving procedures into place that won’t starve your trees. A special series of steps can be implemented to ensure that the maximum amount of water allotted to each tree is able to be utilized.

Necessary water estimation We measure the diameter of each tree at breast height (DBH), and plan to allot ten gallons per inch to keep the tree healthy and hydrated.
Soil conditioning We carefully condition the soil around your trees in all directions, allowing the water applied to quickly and efficiently reach the root system before evaporating for minimal water loss.
Stress reduction We also apply stress reduction techniques to help your tree self-manage itself during times of drought.
30 day cycle We can repeat drought mitigation treatments every 30 days or as needed.

Contact American Arborists today to have the trees on your properties assessed to determine the best course of action to protect them from drought-related damage.

Other Helpful Tree Care Tips for During the Drought:

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Tree growth regulators tell the tree where to concentrate its energy. In cases of drought, regulators reallocate energy from shoot growth to root growth, increasing the ability of the tree to absorb water and nutrients and reducing the expenditure of those nutrients. Slow-release potassium can also be applied to replenish the nutrients your trees use to gather, store, and utilize energy.

Sustainable Urban Management

While sprinklers are ideal for lawns with their shallow, short irrigation cycles, your trees need a different approach. Root systems are further underground, requiring a more focused, deep soak. In order to properly hydrate your trees, you’ll need to implement long, sub-soil injections of water. Ask one of our arborists for tips on getting the maximum amount of water where it needs to go with minimal waste.

Sustainable Forest Management

Since turf can rob a tree of much needed water, it may make sense for you to switch to mulch for yourlandscape. Mulch suppress weeds, conserves water, addsorganic matter to the soil, and increases microbiological activity – nurturing the health ofyour trees and your property’s landscape as a whole.

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Key Benefits of the Service

Our team of ISA Certified Arborists can help you implement drought management techniques that encourage sensible tree growth, allow for modest, healthy leaf growth, and eliminates water waste. With a drought mitigation plan in place, your trees will:

 Get the most water possible even during rationing
 Grow healthy root systems to support themselves
Absorb extra nutrients from the soil
 Look vibrant even in the middle of a drought

Contact us today for a consultation or to sign up for our drought management program.