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Professional Tree Services Nevada

When it comes to trees, timing is everything. Trees are uniquely tied to the seasons, and each one brings its own natural cycle of growth and aging. By having professional Arborists on call to guide your trees safely through each season, you can ensure the best health possible and enjoy your trees for years to come.


Early spring before bud break is an ideal time to have your Arborist pay a visit. He or she can:

 Do large scale pruning where large amounts of live crown material may need to be removed to shape or thin the crown.
 Complete trimming before buds break to prevent waste of energy and nutrition trees use to produce buds and leaves.
Treat your tree with necessary and precautionary topicals to ward off pest attacks.

Some pesticide applications last for a year, and can be done at any point in the year, but spring application increases effectiveness by reducing evaporation of foliar and soil applications.


As spring streams into summer, our customers are outside more and notice what is going on with their trees. We stay busy in the summer performing services that concentrate on removing dead, broken, crossing, and diseased branches, as well as other abnormal growth and hazardous branches, such as:

 Crown cleaning
 Corrective pruning
Crown restoration

Tree crowns are an important part of the tree’s active summer cycle, and excessive trimming in extreme temperatures can be harmful. We try not to exceed removal of more than 20% of healthy crown material in any calendar year.


Summer fades into fall, but your trees have never been more colorful. As leaves turn color and begin to drop, the tree is preparing for dormant season, turning its own efforts inward and downward to the root system.

Pruning is best done in the fall, to cut back unnecessary branch growth so the tree doesn’t waste energy maintaining extra growth.
 Planting new trees in the fall is also ideal, as they will go straight into a season of rich root growth and become well established.


There is usually not much to be done to trees in the winter. However, if a tree has been improperly maintained throughout the rest of the year or has suffered weather damage, we are still on call to help you deal with any emergencies. Otherwise, you can rest easy knowing that your trees are hunkering down for the winter, and that they will spring back to life in just a few short months.

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Key Benefits of the Service

Scheduling appropriate tree services for each season can help keep your trees looking health all year round and avoid common issues. When you use American Arborist’s ISA Certified crews, you ensure:

  Your trees stay healthy and strong year-round
  Your trees are able to maximize their core functions each season
  Pests are blocked before they can cause major damage
  Any weak branches are removed so they don’t fall unexpectedly

Our landscapers attend annual training seminars to ensure they are always up to date on the latest in arboreal science. Call and schedule your trees’ checkup today!