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The next step in wildfire preparedness.

“Defensible Space” is your property’s front line defense against wildfire; it’s an area that has been made resistant to the spread of fire, to create a buffer between buildings on your property, and the grass, trees, shrubs, and any wildland area that may surround it. This space can help slow or even stop the spread of fire, and can protect your home from catching fire as well as protect firefighters who are defending your home.

The spacing between your grass, shrubs, and trees is crucial to reduce the spread of wildfires. The amount of space required is determined by the type and size of brush and trees, as well as the slope of the land. Property on a steep slope requires greater spacing between trees and shrubs than a level property. So does a property with large vegetation compared to one with sparse, smaller vegetation.

The defensible space is best thought of as a buffer zone that can prevent sufficient direct or radiant heat from reaching your home and setting it ablaze. American Arborists can help you analyze your property’s risk, and create a plan for mitigation.

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Key Benefits of the Service

Our team of ISA Certified Arborists has a comprehensive understanding both of how wildfires spreadand of the best avenues for slowing or stopping their progress. We can help you implement the correct style of vegetation management and design fuelbreaks to starve out fires and maximize the benefits of your defensible space. This process can:

  Divert or stall flames that are approaching your house
  Prevent flames from jumping across vegetation
  Create a buffer zone to insulate your home from direct and radiant heat
  Protect firefighters defending your home

Contact us today for a consultation on the fire readiness of your property.

American Arborists has been serving norther Nevada and the surrounding states since 2007. All of our Arborists and referral partners are ISA Certified, licensed, bonded and insured. We strive to set the standard for service and professionalism in our industry.
Our knowledge and expertise goes beyond simple tree maintenance and upkeep. We cover the entire range of tree care, including landscape planning, tree planting, trimming and removal, seasonal tree care, urban forest management, drought planning, and more.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality of tree care, from individuals who take pride in their work. We are dedicated to attracting, training, and retaining the best professionals in the industry to ensure your trees always receive the best possible care.
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