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08 Feb 2015
Tree Removal Services

American Arborists Tree Service

We are the only tree service in the area that employs ISA Certified Arborists to perform the actual tree pruning.

Because of that, and our history of quality and safety, the University of Nevada has entrusted the tree care of their prestigious trees of the quad to American Arborists for the last decade.

19 Jan 2015
Drought Stricken Pine Tree

Saving your trees during the Drought

Nevada is experiencing a chronic drought, the effects of which will be felt for years to come. While a reduction in water use is essential, we all have one question on our minds: What can I do support the longevity and health of my trees?

American Arborists’ Recommended Drought Plan

American Arborists is featuring a summer & fall program that will keep your trees as healthy as possible during the drought. Without the proper amount of water, soil can dry up and become tight and compact, reducing the available water for your trees to absorb. We work to reverse the soil issue and allow your trees to drink in all available water. American Arborists’ program provides the following:

  • American Arborists puts water within your tree’s reach by applying ten gallons per inch of DBH
  • The soil is conditioned to allow the water to get to and stay where it is most useful for your tree
  • Additional stress reduction treatments are provided
  • Process can be repeated every 30 days

Click here to contact American Arborists today to have the trees on your properties assessed to determine the best course of action to protect them from drought-related damage.

Other Helpful Tree Care Tips During the Drought:

1. Implement Tree Growth Regulators

Best Tree trimming service

Tree growth regulators help reallocate energy from shoot growth to root growth – speak with one of our Certified Arborists to discuss application. Also, using slow-release potassium-rich fertilizers in your landscape helps replenish essential nutrients that trees use to gather, store, and utilize energy.

2. Use Proper Watering Techniques

Best Tree trimming service

Sprinklers provide short, shallow irrigation – this is adequate for your lawn, but does not put water where trees need it most. Tree roots are typically much deeper in the soil than fibrous turf roots, so the lawn ends up utilizing the majority of the water before it is able to reach the tree. In order to properly hydrate your trees, make sure to opt for long, sub-soil injections.

3. Switch From Turf to Mulch

Best Tree trimming service

Since turf can rob a tree of water, it may make sense for you to switch to mulch for your landscape. Not only does mulch suppress weeds, but it helps conserve water. Also, mulch adds organic matter to the soil and increases microbiological activity, which nurtures the health of your trees and landscape as a whole.

18 Jan 2015
American Arborists - iPATH

Integrated Plant and Turf Healthcare


iPATH is the link between happy healthy trees and a lush weed free lawn. As Certified Arborists we understand the connection between the health of your lawn and the health of your trees. When you select our turf treatment program, you are making an additional investment in your home and property. iPATH’s turf weed management is more conscious of tree health than our competitors because we understand that trees are more valuable assets that could be damaged with applications by less knowledgeable technicians.


The goal of American Arborists’ iPATH program is to provide a quality regimen of timely applications designed to promote root growth and enhance the colors of your ornamentals, trees, and shrubs, and ensure a healthy weed free lawn, all while controlling certain insects and diseases.


This program consists of seven regularly scheduled visits per year. Most insects and diseases can be controlled preventively throughout the year by targeting the times when they are most active and by treating the trees and shrubs they are most likely to affect. In other words, not everything is treated every time we do an application.


American Arborists was built on 100% customer satisfaction and we guarantee your satisfaction with each and every iPATH service. There are no contracts required to begin this service and, once you sign up, we will continue the service cycle to cycle. iPATH is designed to give you peace of mind. You can rest assured knowing that certified industry professionals will be applying the best quality products to your property, at the appropriate times, and in appropriate amounts. Each visit acts as a checkup for your property and, should we notice anything that warrants additional attention, we will notify you immediately.


American Arborists has been serving northern Nevada since 2007. It is our belief that educating our community about arboriculture improves the health of the treescape we all share and helps keep northern Nevada beautiful. Our mission is to provide the highest quality tree care that ensures your trees health and exceeds your customer service expectations. We are passionate about being the best at what we do. By attracting, training and retaining great people, we set the standard for service and professionalism in our industry.

05 May 2010

Improper Pruning

Seasonal Tree Care Service
Improper Pruning leads to Hazardous Growth and Poor Health, Call American Arborists (775)352.4241

Reno NV, like many other areas of the country still feels the effects of improper pruning on the community.  Many of the problems I come across were caused from improper pruning completed years ago however there is some cases of improper pruning still being practiced today 2010.  One of the biggest problems and expenses is caused by topping large crown trees such as elm, maple, and ash.  The trees that live through severe topping are capable of growing large hazardous waterspouts, commonly referred to as suckers which exceed original crown height and volume.  This reactive growth is very week and massive which creates abnormal risks to potential targets such as pedestrians vehicles and structures.    Topping can be avoided by planting the right tree in the right place so there is no risk of damage if a tree were to fail structurally in extreme weather conditions, in other words don’t plant large crown trees in close proximity to potential targets.  If the crown must be reduced for height or spread for any reason make sure industry standard cuts are made which will reduce sucker growth and mitigate risk.  Call your American Arborists today if you have any questions (775)352.4241.          

05 May 2010

Benefits of Stump Grinding

Seasonal Tree Care Reno
measure your stump and call American Arborists (775)352.4241

 Choosing to remove the stump of a removed tree can benefit the property in multiple ways besides the lack of them being aesthetically pleasing.  Stumps left to decay for decades on a landscaped property can promote the establishment of termites and other pests including harmful funguses.  Stumps from elm trees, maples, willow, and other vigorous species typically sprout suckers and waterspouts which can grow six feet plus a year requiring constant removal, waterspouts may also pop up from other locations on the root network such as in the middle of your lawn.   Choosing to have a stump ground out is a non invasive to surrounding plants and structures which solves these problems without over compacting soil and ripping up unnecessary surrounding areas.  Call your ISA Certified Arborist today with the size of your stump and schedule a removal over the phone.

28 Apr 2010

Crown Cleaning Conifers

Reno Seasonal Tree CarePine trees and other conifers naturally shed lower and interior limbs like other trees however it tends to be more dramatic and noticeable in conifers than deciduous trees. This shedding should not raise health concerns however unsightly, however yellowing of needles or other discoloration near the exterior or top of the crown should cause concern. One may choose to crown clean pine trees to remove the shedding material, this practice is always aesthetically pleasing and removing dead and dying material is always a health benefit when proper tools are used and industry standard cuts are made. Removing dead material speeds the healing process of involved with shedding and can minimize susceptibility to infestation, reducing wind resistance lowering likelihood of a blow over in saturated soil and high wind conditions.

25 Apr 2010

Trimming landmark trees

professional Tree Care RenoAmerican Arborists takes pride in maintaining the trees located on the campus of University of Nevada at Reno.  When trimming mature high value trees like the elm trees located in the main quad there are some important practices to remember.  Like any other valued tree these trees were all climbed without spurs using ascenders and ropes, tools were cleaned with disinfectants and antibacterial spray to prevent the spread of disease.  It is important to have a Certified Arborist on staff to address and assess any concerns about structural stability or any other hazards especially in high traffic areas where failure could likely lead to damage to property or persons.  Remember not to get carried away with the removal of crown material, never exceed the removal of 20% it is easy to over thin or lion tale mature trees.  This practice can lead to unnecessary reactive growth and even tree stress decline or even death.

19 Apr 2010

Responsible tree trimming practices

Reno professional Tree CareReno Tree Service Company on trimming and pruning

Every now and then a customer questions how a tree or some of its limbs are  going to be removed, each time the answer is different but it always boils down to taking big pieces and making little pieces out of them.  In some cases trees can be cut into pieces using a bucket truck or climbing allowing them to fall freely to the ground.  In other situations typically found in urban forestry it is necessary to rope or rig pieces of the tree to the ground in a safe and controlled manor.
The art of Arborist rigging has an extensive history and is constantly innovating.  When done properly limbs can actually be lifted up and away from its position before coming to anchor point and lowered to the ground.  The picture above shows some cottonwood limbs that were overhanging a single phase primary and neutral wire, these limbs were tip tied and pulled back to a higher anchor point which pulled them up and away from the power lines before being lowered.
There are numerous rigging techniques that can be applied to manage the trimming or removal of trees regardless of the type of obstacles or targets that need to be negotiated.  There are many different Arborist rigging tools which have been developed to defend the health of trees used in rigging such as blocks, slings, nylon straps, port o wraps, cambium savers and many others.  It is important to hire a Certified Arborist familiar with contemporary rigging to ensure that there is no damage done to the trees used in rigging, or the surrounding property.

18 Apr 2010

Should I prune my trees in Spring?

trees in spring photoDuring the first month of spring I am commonly asked if it is too late to trim ones trees. 
The answer to that is no. Ideally it is best to trim trees during the dormant season before the trees begin budding and leafing out. Doing this prevents the waste of any of the trees resources and can minimize reactive growth. However if one follows common Arborist rules such as never removing more than 20% of the crown in any one trimming you can prevent the negative reactions to trimming even in months of extreme heat. Certain species such as silver maple may leak sap from cuts during summer months however this is just an aesthetic downside to trimming in the in late spring and summer.
In addition I should mention that common trimming services such as corrective pruning, or crown cleaning focus on removing only unhealthy and detrimental growth from trees. These pruning practices focus on the removal of stub cuts/improper cuts, dead, broken, diseased, and crossing branches. The removal of this material is always a good practice regardless of the time of year.