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26 Oct 2017
halloween tree decoration

Trick or Tree – How to Make a Spooky Halloween Tree

DIY Halloween Tree Decoration Tips and Ideas for the Whole Family


Do you love Halloween? Are you one of those people who enjoy donning costumes and putting up spooky decorations both inside and outside the house? Do you look forward to giving trick-or-treaters a scare with all your cleverly designed and placed Halloween decorations?


Why Halloween tree decorations?

Decorating a Halloween tree is just as fun as dressing up a Christmas tree. And just as decorating a Christmas tree is a fun family activity, making and putting spooky decorations on a Halloween tree is a fun and exciting activity for the entire family as well.

You can brainstorm with the kids on what kind of Halloween tree decoration you should put up this year. Should you go with witches, skeletons, ghouls and goblins, vampires, zombies, or go all-out crazy and opt for all of the above?


Top Halloween Tree Decoration Tips and Ideas You Can Try with the Whole Family


Creating an Indoor Halloween Tree

Just like the Christmas tree, you can make a Halloween tree, decorate it, and place it inside the house for the kids to enjoy. But first, you’re going to need the right indoor Halloween tree. So what should you do first?

With the kids, you can explore the yard and look for the right branches that you can use to build your Halloween tree. For an indoor tree, 2-3 branches that are 2-4 feet tall should suffice. Choose the ones that resemble the form and shape of a tree.

Arrange the branches so that they will resemble a tree and hold them together using green floral tape, zip ties, or duct tape. You can trim the branches if you want, to achieve the desired shape and to remove small twigs and leaves.

Once you have the Halloween tree put together, the next step is to find the appropriate size pot. Keep in mind that you need to balance the height of your tree and the base diameter of your pot to keep the whole thing from tipping over.

Finally, you can spray paint the tree with black to match the occasion and use a plaster mix to hold the tree inside the pot. You may use rocks or dirt as well, if you don’t have a plaster mix. Now, you have a DIY Halloween tree ready for decorating.


Indoor/Outdoor Halloween Tree Decoration Ideas


1. Decorate your trees with spooky glowing eyes.

If you have a tree in your yard, you can create a pair of spooky eyes that you can hang on the tree to give trick-or-treaters and passersby a bit of a scare.

Things you’ll need:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Pencil/marker
  • White poster board
  • Fishing wire
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Glow-in-the-dark paint

You start by drawing large eyeball shapes on the white poster board using a pencil or marker. The eyeballs can be circle, oval, or almond shapes. Carefully cut the eyeball patterns using a pair of scissors. You then draw smaller circles inside each of the eyeballs to serve as the pupil.

Next, paint both sides of the eyeballs with glow-in-the-dark paint and color the pupils with black acrylic paint. Punch a hole at the top of each eyeball and strategically hang them on the tree branches using fishing wire.


2. Turn your tree into a giant spider nest.

Nothing is scarier to an arachnophobe than a tree that’s covered in spider webs. You can transform a tree in your yard to make it look like a giant spider nest using the following materials.

  • A few bags of artificial spider webs (found at your local arts and crafts store)
  • At least half a dozen black balloons
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Large googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ladder

Carefully cover the tree exterior with artificial spider webs using a ladder. You can use a clump of cotton balls and put them somewhere on the tree so that they look like giant spider eggs. Then, blow up the black balloons to the desired size and tie them off. These will be the main body of your giant spiders.

With your black pipe cleaners, you wrap the tip around the knot of the balloon. Repeat this process eight times on each black balloon. Obviously, the pipe cleaners will serve as the eight legs of the spider so bend and twist them accordingly so that they’ll look realistic from afar. You then use the glue to attach the googly eyes to complete the giant spider. Place the giant spiders on the branches and the artificial spider web using double-sided tape.


More info: photo by MikesPhotos


14 Oct 2017
tree maintenance

Tree Maintenance – Why Should Anyone Worry About It?

Discovering the Benefits of Proper Tree Care and Maintenance

Want to know a secret? Trees develop well and will look better with proper care and maintenance. Compared to trees that you find in the wild, trees that are well-maintained and properly cared for appear fuller and more vibrant. That alone should be reason enough for property owners to start caring about tree maintenance and seasonal tree care.

What is it about tree care and maintenance that’s so important?

Any property owner knows that landscaping is a crucial factor when it comes to maximizing property value. And nothing makes any landscape more beautiful and elegant than the presence of trees.

Trees are no doubt majestic objects of nature that clean the air we breathe and provide an ecosystem for small animals and birds. But they are also living ornaments that can make any place look more pristine and phenomenal. Maintaining and caring for them will help keep them stronger, more fruitful, and vibrant.

The Benefits of Proper Tree Maintenance and Care

The benefits that can be had from proper preventive care and maintenance for trees play a huge role in its importance and why property owners should never overlook the process when it comes to the trees in their properties.

Pruning, trimming, cutting dead branches—all of these are part of a maintenance process that is vital to the health and well-being of trees. The following are some of the basic benefits of proper tree care and maintenance:

1. It helps keep the trees in your property healthy and vibrant.

Removing dead branches, pruning, and trimming are all crucial to maintaining the overall health of a tree. The process also helps ensure a dynamic and cohesive landscape. A full and vibrant tree is always a welcome sight in any property, be it commercial or residential.

Pruning, in particular, helps remove branches that are either dying or are already dead, and helps stimulate new growth. The most crucial aspect to this process, however, is implementing proper pruning techniques in order to get the best possible results.

2. It helps eliminate or minimize potential safety hazards.

Trees that aren’t regularly maintained can quickly turn into safety hazards, especially when they are located in an area near structures or pedestrians. For instance, a tree that is situated near a footpath where a lot of pedestrians pass by has to be regularly pruned to keep dead branches from falling on passersby.

Trees that are near power lines, have branches that cover street signs, or are near any structures should be looked after carefully. If removing the tree is not possible, then having it regularly trimmed or pruned is the most logical solution.

3. It helps improve property value.

Everyone in the real estate business knows that an aesthetically pleasing property landscape, with lots of beautifully maintained trees, can add to the value of the property quite substantially. Adding value to your home doesn’t just involve renovating or redecorating the interior. You also have to mind the overall condition of your landscaping, which will dramatically improve once you have your trees regularly maintained.

4. It helps fruit-bearing trees produce top quality crop.

If you so happen to have a fruit-bearing tree in your property, with proper and regular maintenance, you can actually improve the quality and quantity of the fruits that the tree will produce. There are proper techniques and methods that should be practiced when maintaining fruit-bearing trees. You should consult a certified arborist to figure out the best way to maintain and care for your fruit-bearing plants.

5. It helps newly planted trees to become healthier and more robust as they grow.

Newly planted trees need a lot of care as they develop. Through proper tree care and maintenance techniques, a newly planted tree will be easier to train as far as shape is concerned, and will grow to be stronger and more vibrant. Keeping a tree strong and healthy is very important, especially in places where temperature extremes are often experienced.

6. It helps rehabilitate damaged trees.

Trees can get damaged in extremely hot summers, as well as during extra cold winters. This is where seasonal tree care and maintenance proves its importance. The process can help rehabilitate and repair damaged trees due to extreme weather temperatures. Storm-damaged trees can also benefit from proper maintenance practices and techniques.

More info:

Tree Health Care

Seasonal Tree Care photo by Skitterphoto