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27 Sep 2017
Fall Tree Care

Best Ways to Care for Your Trees During the Fall

Who says the gardening season is over once fall arrives?

Autumn is still actually a good time for planting trees. It’s also the season wherein plenty of nuts and fruits ripen. But if there’s one important thing that every tree owner should do when autumn arrives, that would be preparing their trees for the upcoming winter.

To ensure that your trees will survive the winter, it’s crucial that you prepare them ahead for what’s coming.

Are you all set? Here are the steps:

  1. Inspect Your Trees’ Leaves

Once you have noticed that the leaves of your trees are turning slowly to the color of the season, then that’s the perfect time to inspect them for uneven hues and defoliation. Both of them are actually signs of tree problems like nutrient deficiency, pests, and diseases.

The appearance of mushrooms during fall is not really a problem unless there are a lot of them appearing near the trunks. This could be a sign that the roots are decaying.

  1. Evaluate the Soil

Have you had the soil in the vicinity analyzed? If not yet, then consider doing it this season. Have your soil analyzed. That way, if there is a nutrient imbalance in your backyard, you can instantly apply the needed fertilizer before winter comes rolling in.

  1. Spray Anti-Desiccant on Leaves

Water loss is one of the major reasons why trees suffer during winter. With limited water to absorb, trees are left without resort but to use the water they’ve stored in their stems and leave.

One way of avoiding water loss is through spraying anti-desiccant on the leaves. This will provide leaves with a waxy layer that will keep in moisture.

  1. Mulch

Don’t wait for winter to come before you start mulching your trees. As early as today, mulch the surrounding of your trees to trap warmth and provide trees ample time to grow and absorb nutrients and water.

During the winter, the mulch will provide protection against the harsh weather and reduce water loss. It is absolutely important that you also mulch newly planted or young trees since they do not have enough defense mechanisms yet to weather the harsh season.

When it comes to mulching, distribution is critical. Recommended thickness of the mulch is one to two inches. Placing too large a mound is not advisable because it can provide a place for bacteria and fungi to flourish.

  1. Prune Your Trees

Pruning also plays an important role in tree care during fall. Basically, there are three different types of pruning that should be done during this season:

  • Pruning branches that died during summer
  • Doing structural pruning
  • Pruning to reduce the size of the tree

To properly prune your trees, make sure to talk to a professional arborist, especially if you are not familiar with pruning techniques and methods.

  1. Check for Pests

Even when the climate has turned cooler, pests can still wreak havoc on your trees. Mites, spider mites, stink bugs, and boxelder bugs can definitely damage your trees.

Applying a systemic insecticide is one of the best ways of getting rid of pests. You’d also be glad to know that this kind of method can actually protect your trees for up to 12 months.

  1. Protect Your Trees

And of course, let’s not forget to protect our trees that are susceptible to high winds, salt, and the southwest sun. By just wrapping the trunk of a tree with a trunk wrap, or even paper and polypropylene, it can go a long way of upping the chances that your plants will emerge from the winter as robust as ever.


Why is fall tree care important?

Because your trees are still recovering from the extreme heat during the summer season and yet in a few weeks, they’ll be encountering cold weather. If you want your trees to recover from the summer heat and survive the winter season, then providing them with every essential nutrient and protection is absolutely helpful.

More info: photo by Ben Regali

13 Sep 2017
creative tree stump ideas

9 Creative Uses for Tree Stumps

Transform That Unsightly Tree Stump in Your Yard into a Beautiful Lawn Ornament


Wondering how you can use that old tree stump that’s been languishing in your yard for as long as you can remember? Wouldn’t it be nice to find some use of something that is as unpleasant-looking as a stump?

Lucky for you there are better ways to make use of old tree stumps and prevent them from being a tripping hazard or an unwanted lawn ornament you have to live with, like scar tissue from an appendectomy.

Here are several creative tree stump ideas that may inspire you to do something about that nasty old stump in your own backyard:


Creative Tree Stump Ideas for DIY Homeowners

  1. Transform that tree stump into a beautiful planter. Tree stumps don’t have to look dead and ugly in your yard. With a little creativity and imagination, you can put life into that stump by using it as a planter in your garden. You can search the Internet for a step-by-step guide on how to make a planter out of an old tree stump.

    creative tree stump ideas

  2. Tiled mosaic tree stump table and seat. Do you have a knee-high tree stump in your yard that you want to make use of? Well, a lawn table or seat that’s adorned with colored tiles and glass to create mosaic art is really not a bad idea. You can choose different color glass or tiles and create whatever pattern you wish. Show off your artistic side and have fun with it.

  3. An old tree stump turned into a nice pot stand. This is the easiest way to use a tree stump. If you’re too lazy or pressed for time to create a decent planter, just find any potted plant in your garden and place it on top of the stump. But if you really want to be creative, place some hooks around the side of the stump and use hanging plants to give that thing some color and life.

  4. Transform your tree stump into a nice picnic table. If the stump is tall enough or wide enough, it can be easily transformed into a nice lawn table for picnics and other outdoor activities. If the diameter of the stump is not wide enough, you can use it as a base for a wider and more appropriate round table to compliment your garden or your patio.

  5. An aged moss tree stump as an artistic garden décor. If the tree stump is in a damp, dark, and humid location, you can promote moss growth to cover the stump entirely, giving it a nice ancient look that will serve as a conversation piece in your garden. Healthy green moss looks way better than dead decaying wood, don’t you agree?

    creative tree stump ideas

  6. Turn your tree stump into a cute little bird bath. Just when you thought there’s nothing more you can do to make that old tree stump in your garden a little bearable visually, here’s a creative idea you could try. Place a huge clam shell or a clay saucer on top of the stump. Add clean water and a nice bird figurine, and voila! You have yourself a beautiful garden ornament that also works as a bird bath.

  7. Transform that tree stump into decorative art. Want to express yourself in an artistic fashion? With some paint and your imagination, you can turn that ugly tree stump into an expression of your artistic persona. Choose colors that will represent you, designs that are captivating and engaging to you, and patterns that show off your talent as an artist. And before you know it, you will have a nice conversation piece right in the middle of your garden.

    creative tree stump ideas

  8. A board game out of a tree stump for the kids to enjoy. Why buy an entire chess set when you can easily transform a tree stump into a chess and checkers board? Take a break from video games and teach your kids how to enjoy board games like chess, checkers, or even backgammon. And they will definitely get a kick out of playing tic-tac-toe on a tree stump.

  9. Tree stumps used as garden lamps. This particular idea may require a bit of woodworking, carpentry, and electrical expertise. Use these materials to turn a tree stump into a useful garden lamp. There are online sources you can use as a guide for this.


More info: photo 1 by tookapic photo 2 by HOerwin56 photo 3 by Boke9a photo 4 by Cairomoon