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28 Apr 2010

Crown Cleaning Conifers

Reno Seasonal Tree CarePine trees and other conifers naturally shed lower and interior limbs like other trees however it tends to be more dramatic and noticeable in conifers than deciduous trees. This shedding should not raise health concerns however unsightly, however yellowing of needles or other discoloration near the exterior or top of the crown should cause concern. One may choose to crown clean pine trees to remove the shedding material, this practice is always aesthetically pleasing and removing dead and dying material is always a health benefit when proper tools are used and industry standard cuts are made. Removing dead material speeds the healing process of involved with shedding and can minimize susceptibility to infestation, reducing wind resistance lowering likelihood of a blow over in saturated soil and high wind conditions.

25 Apr 2010

Trimming landmark trees

professional Tree Care RenoAmerican Arborists takes pride in maintaining the trees located on the campus of University of Nevada at Reno.  When trimming mature high value trees like the elm trees located in the main quad there are some important practices to remember.  Like any other valued tree these trees were all climbed without spurs using ascenders and ropes, tools were cleaned with disinfectants and antibacterial spray to prevent the spread of disease.  It is important to have a Certified Arborist on staff to address and assess any concerns about structural stability or any other hazards especially in high traffic areas where failure could likely lead to damage to property or persons.  Remember not to get carried away with the removal of crown material, never exceed the removal of 20% it is easy to over thin or lion tale mature trees.  This practice can lead to unnecessary reactive growth and even tree stress decline or even death.

21 Apr 2010



If you want to have a killing, placing bets, it is necessary to pick up only dependable price-makers. Nowadays, on the web you can visit a whole lot of websites where you can wager, and the 1xBet site is actually a leader in the gambling sector. The bookmaker surpasses the rivals thanks to its useful odds and fast affiliate marketer payouts.

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In this 1xBet review we will cover the most important questions you could have. Also you will get to know about additional advantages you can receive joining the 1xBet live mobil.

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Sophisticated betting players understand that most bookmakers offer to wager not only before the meet, but also invite users to make a prediction right along the route. This phenomenon is called live online 1xBet. Now it is possible to watch favorite matches either on the beach, or on the tour bus. All you need is a good internet connection.

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To derive the benefit from 1xBet live stream is quite simple and, on the whole, the principle is completely the same to the bets on prematch. Moreover, the clear interface of the 1xBet site is usually unlikely to confuse the user.

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It is possible to wager and watch 1xBet in real time streams on such tournaments: Super Series, Uber Glass, Thomas Cup, Sudirman Glass, Olympic Games, World Cup and European Cup. The types of wagers are similar to tennis:

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In order to choose the right gamble, you need to spend some time analyzing while watching 1xBet live streaming badminton. Amateur players are advised to try an even / odd strategy in 1xBet badminton live, which can be as simple as possible, but may regularly give a profit. It will be possible to watch 1xBet live stream badminton either via your PC or any portable device.

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The official application is available for both iOS and Android platform. It is possible to play 1xBet live not having leaving a house. The application provides a unique and stylish design, which will greatly simplifies the user the job of orientation and navigation between the necessary sections.

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1xbet app android apk 1xBet site features a pretty good 1xBet casino live with a wide selection of games and video poker machines, as well as a bright and colourful graphic design. Traditionally, it offers a whole lot of various promotions and bonus deals that are designed to attract the maximum availablility of players. Actually, it is necessary to register for the game, choosing the most convenient method, as well as making a deposit.

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1 xbet bookmaker regularly adds excellent sections and the most successful offers for its customers in the section for eSports 1xBet live. So , today the bookmaker accepts bets about such popular games as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Regarding Tanks, as well as other games which can be popular among players. In general, the betting on eSports is usually identical to the forecasts intended for traditional sports. So , an individual can can wager on prematch or take advantage of the 1xBet eSports live bets offer, that may be, make a prediction immediately during the game itself.

19 Apr 2010

Responsible tree trimming practices

Reno professional Tree CareReno Tree Service Company on trimming and pruning

Every now and then a customer questions how a tree or some of its limbs are  going to be removed, each time the answer is different but it always boils down to taking big pieces and making little pieces out of them.  In some cases trees can be cut into pieces using a bucket truck or climbing allowing them to fall freely to the ground.  In other situations typically found in urban forestry it is necessary to rope or rig pieces of the tree to the ground in a safe and controlled manor.
The art of Arborist rigging has an extensive history and is constantly innovating.  When done properly limbs can actually be lifted up and away from its position before coming to anchor point and lowered to the ground.  The picture above shows some cottonwood limbs that were overhanging a single phase primary and neutral wire, these limbs were tip tied and pulled back to a higher anchor point which pulled them up and away from the power lines before being lowered.
There are numerous rigging techniques that can be applied to manage the trimming or removal of trees regardless of the type of obstacles or targets that need to be negotiated.  There are many different Arborist rigging tools which have been developed to defend the health of trees used in rigging such as blocks, slings, nylon straps, port o wraps, cambium savers and many others.  It is important to hire a Certified Arborist familiar with contemporary rigging to ensure that there is no damage done to the trees used in rigging, or the surrounding property.

18 Apr 2010

Should I prune my trees in Spring?

trees in spring photoDuring the first month of spring I am commonly asked if it is too late to trim ones trees. 
The answer to that is no. Ideally it is best to trim trees during the dormant season before the trees begin budding and leafing out. Doing this prevents the waste of any of the trees resources and can minimize reactive growth. However if one follows common Arborist rules such as never removing more than 20% of the crown in any one trimming you can prevent the negative reactions to trimming even in months of extreme heat. Certain species such as silver maple may leak sap from cuts during summer months however this is just an aesthetic downside to trimming in the in late spring and summer.
In addition I should mention that common trimming services such as corrective pruning, or crown cleaning focus on removing only unhealthy and detrimental growth from trees. These pruning practices focus on the removal of stub cuts/improper cuts, dead, broken, diseased, and crossing branches. The removal of this material is always a good practice regardless of the time of year.